If you want to take your curls from pretty good to life-changing, introducing the No.5 Conditioning Masque into your hair ritual is the way to get there.

1. How to get the most out of using our Conditioning Hair Masque.

Sweet Caroline No.5 Masque is noteworthy for any curl type encountering dryness. The No.5 Masque can be applied as often as you like, even in place of your conditioner.

2. What will it do for my Hair?

Sweet Caroline No.5 masque will rehydrate your curls and help with detangling. Slip is critical to staving off breakage. Using the No.5 Hair Masque correctly will replenish nutrients to help maintain your hair.

3. Do I apply the No.5 masque on wet or dry hair?

No.5 Conditioning masque nourishing ingredients absorb better when applied to wet hair. Use your No.5 Hair Masque on clean curls first, for best results. Ensure that you remove any residue from the hair to begin with a fresh canvas. Use Sweet Caroline No.1 wash following instructions. Once your hair is clean, apply your masque.

4. How long should you leave No.5 Hair Masque on your hair?

For best results, apply No.5  Masque to your hair in the shower, the steam will help to open your hair’s cuticle. Leave the masque in your hair for at least two minutes and up to 10 minutes.

Use your fingers to work the Masque into the hair for more tightly coiled textures or less porous hair. Then, wrap your hair in a hot, damp towel for five minutes to help “steam” the masque into the hair.

5. Can you leave No.5 Hair Masque on for too long?

Sweet Caroline No.5 Masque is fine to leave it overnight, just be sure to cover your hair with a cap to protect your pillow!

6. Will No.5 Hair Masque fix damaged hair?

If your hair is unhealthy and needs a trim, a masque won’t fix it. After your trim, use the masque regularly to stave off breakage. Congratulations – you’re on your path to healthy curls.

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