No. 1 Wash

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Suitable for all hair types.

A gentle, do-gooder wash containing no parabens, sulphates or silicones. Mild enough for a daily dose, and soft where it counts on delicate scalps.

How to get the best of me: Lather in your hands, and then apply me directly to your scalp. Massage for a while, then rinse. Repeat again, but this time massaging into mid lengths and ends too. I'll foam more the second time. Rinse me away and follow with conditioner.


Shampooing is the most important step in your hair ritual.
So you think you know How to Cleanse your Hair and Scalp? 

Even though at Sweet Caroline we are firm believers in not overly washing hair, when wash day finally comes around, you should approach it like you are a Wash Master.

Mindfulness when cleansing your hair or skin is at the top of our tips list. Like all of our products and their application, as the saying goes, you only get back what you put in. If you pressed the snooze button in to oblivion, skip washing until you’re not so time poor, it is time to use the following steps..

• Are you wetting your hair thoroughly? Drench your hair from roots to ends? The thicker the hair the more time it’s going to take.
• Massage shampoo thoroughly into your scalp for 2 to 3 mins.
• Work it through the mid-lengths and ends. (Bear in mind we often make the mistake of not spending enough time on scrubbing the scalp)
• Now work your way from the crown to the sides to the nape
• When your three minutes is up with your scalp, it’s time to rinse. (This should take a good minute)
• Now it’s time for second wash application, this time focusing on massaging into mid-lengths and ends of the hair for a good 30 to 40 seconds. (Remembering that there are no shortcuts with rinsing - leaving residue from shampoo will leave hair dull with a feeling of build up. Left over shampoo on your scalp will lead to build up which will lead to a dry flaky scalp, not mention leftover oil and grime)