No. 7 Oil for Body & Hair

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Paraben & Sulphate free, for all skin types.

All the best nourishing botanicals star in this multi-talented everyday oil. Lather it generously for improved elasticity, and a healthy, dewy glow. Good for hair, face and body.

How to get the best of me: After your shower or bath, use hands to apply to slightly damp skin. Massage in circular motions towards the heart, until absorbed.

Directions for hair: Apply a small amount to hair ends and brush through. Massage into dry areas and leave overnight as a treatment, or apply to hair for about 15 to 20 minutes, rinse then shampoo. Also great applied to ends of damp freshly washed hair before blow drying.


Oils have fatty acids that help replace lipids in the hair. These are lost due to chemical treatments, styling or even pollution. Lipids play an important role in making the hair look and feel healthy. They help maintain the shine and gloss of hair, but oil needs to be applied the right way. If oils are applied incorrectly it will leave you with a greasy scalp and your hair will not receive the many benefits it has to offer. Applied correctly and you will see the magic.

A great mindfulness practice; take some time out and enjoy the ritual of caring for yourself.
Check list:
If hair is very dirty we don't recommend applying oil as you will only be trapping the dirt and grime into the hair follicle.
The rule of thumb is less is more. You can always add more, but just start with one pump.
Don't overdo the frequency. Once a week at most.
Warm the oil in the palm of your hands.
Apply to dry hair as water repels oil and will prevent it from penetrating your scalp and hair.
Gently massage your scalp for 15 minutes. Make sure to cover the entire scalp. This helps relieve stress and tension and encourages blood circulation which in turn promotes hair growth and can strengthen hair follicles.
Always massage gently as too heavy a hand can cause breakage.
Wrap with a warm cloth, preferably not a towel as they are rough and can cause breakage. This will open up hair cuticles and pores allowing deeper penetration of the oils.
Leave for 10 minutes, or if you have time to leave it on for an hour this will provide extra nourishment.
Wash and condition as normal.

Sweet Caroline products are created as gender neutral and are gentle enough to suit all skin types. Botanical ingredients can react differently on each skin types so we do recommend performing a patch test prior to use. If you have any prior health concerns please consult your physician before use.